We’re building open.exchange to unleash the power of private capital.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase private capital market participation and bring vitality to what has historically been a closed system.

By providing improved information visibility to match entrepreneurs with the right investors, open.exchange will break down the barriers to communication and direct interaction that stand in the way of company growth and value creation.

Our Principles


open.exchange will make private capital investment more accessible to more people and companies.

Information Sharing

open.exchange will promote communication and the exchange of information and ideas shaping markets and industries.

Network Cultivation

open.exchange will help like-minded communities of interest to find each other, trade notes, and build new constructive relationships.

Enabling Transactions

open.exchange will ultimately become a trading platform open to all participants and governed by a foundation similar to open source software.

Investor Matching

open.exchange will bring companies and investors together who are uniquely positioned to become great partners.

Company Visibility

open.exchange will provide a forum for emerging growth companies to solicit interest, cooperation, coaching and capital.

Wisdom of the crowd

open.exchange will help investors and entrepreneurs make connections, share insight and work together more effectively to execute their business and investment strategies.


open.exchange will allow each participant to control who, when and how others see their information on the platform.